FWD or AWD: A Balanced Comparison

With new cars rolling off the production line with more features than ever before, you may be wondering which ones you really need. One feature that's becoming more popular these days is including all-wheel or four-wheel drive. Typically known for those who live in places with difficult to drive in weather, you may be wondering if this is necessary.

These features do help in not only tough weather but, they also help in terrain that may be taxing on your vehicle. This article will explain the difference between the two to see which one better suits your needs. South Lake Motors in Rice Lake, WI has a great selection to help you find the vehicle that suits your needs.

All-wheel drive acts as a part-time feature. When vehicles need a little extra help, it sends power to the wheels that actually need it. This is good for those who want the help, but, don't want the extra fuel cost associated with an amped up drivetrain.

Four-wheel drive can typically be turned on or off. This "part-time" feature is also good for those looking to save. The main difference is, that all four wheels are getting power to them in equal amounts at all times when engaged.

See the difference that these enhanced drivetrains can make for yourself. Stop by South Lake Motors in Rice Lake, WI to take a test drive today.


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