Avoid Hydroplaning in Wet Road Conditions

Hydroplaning is what happens when water is between the road and your tires, leading to a loss of traction for the tires. This lack of traction can cause you to not be able to brake or steer the vehicle.

If you notice a lot of water on the road, gradually slow down before reaching it. When there is a big rainstorm, drive under the speed limit and avoid sudden braking. Leave the cruise control turned off and try not to suddenly accelerate.

Besides these tips for driving safely in wet conditions, keeping a good set of tires on your vehicle is an excellent way to be prepared for water on the road. Some tires are made to handle the water better than regular tires, and all tires should have good tread.

If you need tires that can handle driving in the rain, come down to South Lake Motors in Rice Lake to have us help you with all your vehicle service needs.

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