Two Types of Spare Tires- What Type Do You Have?

It doesn’t matter where you drive; unfortunately, there are going to be times when you can get a flat tire. Do you have a full-size spare tire or a temporary spare tire?

A full-size spare tire is going to be the same size as your regular tire whereas a temporary spare tire is much smaller. A full-size tire will sometimes require a second person to help due to its weight. Many people refer to the temporary spare tire as a “donut”. It is much easier to handle; however, it’s not designed for long-distance travel. Although the pounds per square inch (PSI) are typically much higher than a full-size tire, a donut is not designed to carry extra loads for longer periods.

You can have your car tires replaced at South Lake Motors when you schedule an appointment with our service department which is conveniently located in Rice Lake. Wishing you safe traveling!

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