Emergency Tire Replacement for Everyone

Most drivers will eventually experience the inconvenience of a flat tire. Although it’s preferable to have roadside assistance come to the rescue, there may be a time when you have to remove the damaged tire and put the spare on yourself.

The first step in changing a tire is finding flat and stable ground. A tire jack may sink into dirt or rocks and become very unstable. If parked on a hill, your car can roll off the jack and create a dangerous situation for you and others. On stable ground, first loosen the lug nuts of the damaged tire. Raise the tire with the jack and remove it. Replace it with the spare and put on the lug nuts while pressing the spare into its housing. Finish tightening the lug nuts once the car is lowered, and then drive to the nearest repair facility.

South Lake Motors in Rice Lake, WI wants you to be safe on the road every driving season. Visit us today and we will do a complete inspection of your tires, engine, and other areas so you can worry less and make your driving time more enjoyable.

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