Get a Dodge Durango and Experience Some Great Fuel Efficiency

When you are considering reasons to buy a mid-range SUV, fuel-efficiency might not be at the top of your list. However, the Dodge Durango might just have you rethinking that. Consider the following features of this SUV that will have you visiting the pump less often.

We start by telling you about the exciting addition of the ECO mode. When you do not need a lot of power, you can push this button and effectively shut off four cylinders of the engine. This will dramatically increase your gas mileage, particularly on the highway.

You will also notice that the Dodge Durango has a large fuel tank. This will give you up to 600 miles between visits to the gas station. That is a great advantage on longer trips. Come by [dealer] when you have a chance and schedule a test drive of the new Dodge Durango to see for yourself.

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