The Modern Performance and Comfort of the Dodge Durango

Sometimes the hardest thing you have to do in your daily commutes is restrain from getting bored and just turning around and going home. Add in school mornings with cranky kids and you have a dreaded everyday routine made worse by a car you despise. Lucky for you, the Dodge Durango has heaps of enjoyable interior and exterior features to make your daily drives better for everyone.

The Dodge Durango is fully loaded with both safety features and entertainment choices. Passengers in the second row can enjoy Blu-Ray discs on 9-inch pop-up HD screens. There’s also vent control in the second and third rows to keep passengers comfortable throughout the drive.

Our car pros at South Lake Motors in Rice Lake, WI are skilled in the pros and cons of every vehicle in our showroom, including the Dodge Durango. However, first-hand experience trumps it all. So, feel free to come down for a test drive when you’re ready.

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