Jeep Wrangler Interior Features

If you love the rugged look of the Jeep Wrangler, you’ll love it’s interior, too. With sporty lining and color palettes, the interior cabin is spacious and comfortable. The new Wrangler also has a tech edge with all-new Uconnect infotainment system that can be upgraded with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. While the base edition comes with a laundry list of tech features, it’s the smooth ride and quiet cabin that you’ll love.

There are a few upgrades that you can select with the new Wrangler, including all new driver assistance features. For example, the latest Wrangler has blind spot monitoring, departure lane assist, cross traffic alerts, and navigation. You can also connect to a WiFi hotspot so that you are connected wherever you go.

Feeling the performance and smooth ride is the best experience. Test out the new Jeep Wrangler at South Lake Motors located in Rice Lake, WI.

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