The Dodge Journey is a popular mid-size SUV that is spacious and comfortable. It’s ideal for long road trips with your family or for sharing commutes with coworkers. At South Lake Motors Inc, we know that a lot of people worry about the price of gas. That’s why we think it’s important that you know about the many features that make the Dodge Journey a fuel-efficient option for any type of driving. It’s also about getting the most per mile, and the Dodge Journey makes that happen without sacrificing style and comfort.

The Journey gets 500 miles per full tank. That means less money spent on gas and less time spent at the pumps. The six-speed automatic with auto stick transmission uses variable line pressure technology to provide better gas mileage and make the vehicle more reliable. Dual variable valve timing makes the vehicle more fuel-efficient by using the intake and exhaust systems to improve power so you can zip around Rice Lake, WI with ease.

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