The Ram 1500 has been designed so that it has the capability that you need to navigate various types of road conditions without straining the engine or transmission. There is a new V8 towing package available that delivers more power behind the wheel so that you can tow larger items on the road in Rice Lake, WI.

The Ram features Four Corner Air Suspension along with load leveling that is automatic when your cargo is connected to the rear of the truck. The maximum payload that you can haul with the Ram 1500 is 2,300 pounds, which is ideal for a camper or similar vehicles.

Another capability feature that you'll find in the Ram 1500 is the steel frame. This offers support for the truck while giving it the structure that you know from Dodge. It also increases the stiffness that you experience on the road when you're driving and hauling. Consult with South Lake Motors Inc about the durability features that are available with the frame.

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