At South Lake Motors Inc, people will often ask us what kind of vehicle would be best suited to some sort of tough job. They might be hauling a boat or some other kind of trailer. Other drivers might need something that can climb tough inclines on a worksite.

No matter which of these situations sounds familiar, Dodge's new 2020 Durango has the power needed to get the job done. The R/T version of the vehicle features a genuine Hemi V8 that offers 360hp and additional torque, so you can enjoy best-in-class towing power that approaches nearly 7,400 lbs. when driven in RWD style. The AWD-equipped version only drops around 200 lbs. of capacity, so you could still haul quite a load while making it up some tough streets.

That's great news for anyone who needs to take the back roads outside of Rice Lake, WI from time to time. Of course, all that power won't be wasted if you're traveling to a local construction site either.

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